29. Worldbuilding Checklist: Creating Your Setting

No matter what genre you're writing, it's important to spend time building the world in which your story takes place. This comprehensive Worldbuilding Checklist will help you define the world that best suits your story, from weather patterns to cultures to which swear words your characters use. If you're writing speculative fiction (e.g. fantasy, sci-fi), you'll want to fill out as much of the checklist as you can. If you're writing a novel that takes place here and now, you'll have less worldbuilding to consider and can treat the checklist as optional.

This podcast episode will cover:

  • How your setting and plot should serve each other.

  • Making the most of the world you build.

  • How and when to convey worldbuilding information to the reader.

  • Inventing cultures for fantasy and sci-fi stories.

Listen to podcast | Download worldbuilding checklist

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