What to Expect in our Coaching Programs

Curious about what our coaching programs are like? We launched our first one in June and had a great time working with our students as they began writing their novels. Our virtual coaching calls follow a general structure as we guide you through the start-to-finish process of writing and publishing a book, but with full flexibility to discuss whatever topics you'd like – whether it's to do with your plot or characters, establishing your writing habits, answering your publishing questions, or anything else you want to talk about.

We received kind emails from a couple of our students, Courtney and Layne. Have a look at what they had to say about their experiences!

The Warner Sisters have such a wonderful positive energy. They are relentlessly positive and encouraging, and have an answer for absolutely everything. I received 100% personalized support, including writing exercises and thought-provoking questions that were completely customized for my own story idea and the unique challenges it presented.

At every single session, Tiana and Stephanie offered up a wealth of experience, tools and tricks. No question or topic was off limits. I was astonished at how generously they shared their knowledge with me, and at how much I learned – and I already have a creative writing diploma! Even though this was a course on outlining, Stephanie and Tiana went above and beyond by expanding their curriculum into every area they thought would help me, from theme, logline, and character development, to world building, to query letters and marketing, to prose critiques, to general lifestyle and motivation techniques. Steph and Tiana went through all of the elements of my story with me, beat by beat, and were an incredible sounding board and critique team.

The best part of working with the Warner Sisters is the “Can Do” attitude they impress upon you. I felt as though they had my back from day 1. They completely got behind my story idea, and never seemed to doubt that I could write it. I’ve now successfully created a full outline for my novel, including the ever-daunting climax and conclusion, and I now have the confidence both to write it and to pursue publishing options.

Publishing a novel has been a long time dream for me, and I’ve always thought that luck was the biggest factor. After four weeks with the Warner Sisters, my mindset has completely shifted. They have shared tools and insights to overcome every obstacle I could think of, and I now believe that finishing and publishing a novel is a very achievable goal.

A thousand thank-yous, Steph and Tiana. This last month has been absolutely priceless.


I'd been in a bit of a writing rut for a while, bouncing between WIP ideas but nothing coming of them past a few pages. I knew Tiana from her Patreon (love her Ice Massacre books!) and her critiques have always been extremely useful. When she announced the Blockbuster YA program, I knew I had to apply. She and Stephanie were fantastic to work with. Having someone to verbally bounce ideas off of has always been helpful. Plus, the resources were wonderful. For the first time, ever, I actually have a tool to outline with. Tiana and Stephanie were a lot of fun to work with and it felt great having other people excited for my story.


Applications are open for our coaching programs. Apply for an 8-week program or a free 1-week bootcamp to kickstart your author career!

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