14. How to Write the Perfect Opening Scene

The first scene of your novel determines whether agents, publishers, and readers will keep going or put your book down. That's a lot of pressure!

The good news is that there are proven techniques you can use to craft the perfect opening scene. This lesson will help you decide on the best opening scene for your plot and what components it should include. We'll talk about what makes an effective opener and some tricks to hook the reader and pull them into the next chapter. We'll also cover opening lines, which need to serve the same purpose in fewer words! Use the worksheet to brainstorm ideas and pick the best opening scene and opening line for your story.

In this podcast episode, we'll cover:

  • The 3 things your first scene needs to include.

  • How to make readers care about your protagonist right away.

  • How to write the best opening line for your book.

  • Examples of effective opening scenes and opening lines.

Listen to podcast | Download opening scenes/lines worksheet

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