2. Figuring Out The Story You Were Meant To Write

There is a story you were born to write. Your experiences, interests, family history, and everything else that makes you unique are all there for you to draw upon. Nobody else in the world has your brain, your ideas, and your experiences. So whether you'd like to write a fantasy, romance, horror, or literary novel — and whether or not you've already got a premise in mind — this lesson will help you discover your Authorial Purpose.

This podcast episode and worksheet walk through a step-by-step brainstorming process to help you figure out what story you were meant to tell. We'll cover:

  • Why it's important to write about your passions.

  • Writing about topics you don't know a lot about.

  • What the "OwnVoices" trend is and what it means for you.

  • Choosing the right genre, themes, and characters.

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