4. Your Story’s Blueprint: The Logline

A logline is your one-line pitch of what your story is about. It's the first sentence you should write and the thing you should put on a sticky note as you flesh out your manuscript. It acts as a hook you can use to pitch to agents, publishers, and readers, plus it helps you stay on track as you write your first draft.

In this lesson, we'll help you build a logline that sells. Use the worksheet to build your own logline based on a proven formula used in Hollywood, which you'll be able to use to pitch your story and set yourself up to write a blockbuster novel.

This podcast episode will cover:

  • The formula for building a marketable logline.

  • Examples from blockbuster movies.

  • How a logline is different from a tagline.

Listen to podcast | Download logline worksheet & protagonist worksheet

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