6. The Blockbuster Plot Arc (Part 1)

Your audience in 2020 is a tough sell. Readers demand cleverly structured stories, tight plots, and meaningful character transformations. It's no longer enough to write a novel using the basic idea that a plot has three acts. This is why Hollywood writers and bestselling authors have spent so much time analyzing what makes the best stories so great, coming up with plot formulas and models like The Hero's Journey, The Beat Sheet, and others. (These, by the way, are amazing resources and we highly recommend them!)

As a writer, you need to outline your story before you begin if you want your book to be the best it can be. Our next two lessons will help you build a plot that will resonate with readers, agents, and publishers. This podcast episode focuses on the four main parts of your story that are crucial to building a satisfying character arc. We'll cover:

  • Using your logline as a blueprint for your outline.

  • Deciding on the 4 key pieces that form the tent poles of your novel.

  • Why it's so important to plot your novel before you begin.

Listen to podcast | Download plot arcs worksheet

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