27. Eleven Steps to Building a Badass Antagonist

Imagine The Dark Knight with a boring Joker. Or Thor without his siblings. Or a weak Darth Vader.

A well-thought-out antagonist has the power to make a story brilliant. Let's talk about how to make the best possible antagonist for your story. They will become your protagonist's worst nightmare, the spark that ignites your conflict, and a fleshed-out, three-dimensional character with realistic qualities.

In this lesson, we'll cover:

  • How to make an antagonist who is best suited to oppose your protagonist.

  • How to make your antagonist realistic and sympathetic.

  • How to 'wow' your readers with an epic opposing force.

  • Designing your antagonist's backstory.

  • 4 steps to structure your antagonist's character arc.

Listen to podcast | Download antagonist worksheet

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