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Readers always remember that plot twist that blew their mind.

But how do you know where to start and how do you avoid clichés?


It seems hard to come up with a great twist that readers don't see coming. The good news – it's simpler (and more fun) than you think.

Step 1. Learn the 3 strategies.

Listen to our free podcast to learn common devices used in blockbuster stories.


Step 2: Complete the free workbook

Apply what you've learned to your story by completing our 5-page brainstorming guide.

Step 3: Add your favourite ideas to your novel! 

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Set your story up for success.

Add a twist that gets agents and readers talking.

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Becoming a Blockbuster YA Author

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"The Warner sisters have created a resource that packs a powerful punch here. You don't need to spend hours at a time listening through fluff to get the gems. The sisters get right to giving amazing tips, guidance, info about writing and publishing with helpful examples. Highly recommend!"

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Opening Scene


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"Encouraging Yourself
to Write" Worksheet

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