6-month program


Write your book and transform your life. 

You have a book in you, and you would love to share it with the world. You want to earn royalties, do book signings, top the bestseller charts, and see your stories adapted into movies and series. You want the freedom to create the life you want to live!

But the prospect of writing a book is overwhelming, even scary. Which types of books sell, and which ones fall flat? Where do you begin, and how do you find the time?


This program will guide you through writing a complete novel in 6 months. It focuses on what works in the current literary market and includes personal coaching to help you overcome any struggle.

Whether you've already started writing or are beginning with an idea, this course is tailored to maximize your growth as a YA author.

Training Modules

Here are a few topics we'll cover throughout the duration of your 6-month program:

  • Building your story's logline using a proven Hollywood formula

  • Structuring your story using the plot structure of blockbuster hits

  • Understanding the rules of writing for a YA/MG audience

  • Writing gripping opening scenes and lines

  • Creating characters that your readers will fall in love with

  • How to structure scenes so your reader never gets bored

  • Writing a killer antagonist

  • Understanding your publishing options, including traditional vs. self-publishing

  • Landing a publishing deal or finding readers as a self-published author

  • Tips for building your author platform

  • Tips for franchising your YA novel

  • Implementing effective book marketing and PR strategies

  • And many more topics to help you write and publish your book!

personalized coaching 

Regular coaching calls to teach you the key elements of writing a blockbuster novel, plus to help you work through any blocks you have as you're writing.

50+ training modules

Personal guidance as you complete each training module, including audio recordings, worksheets, checklists, tips, and other exclusive writing resources. 

mastermind community

Access to our community of YA writers, where you'll get support from others who are writing, publishing, and succeeding at following their dreams!

What You'll Get

You can do this.

We know you – because we were you. Right now, all that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams is your own self-doubt. It's time to break that cycle.


You can write a Blockbuster YA book, and you can build an author platform. Let us show you.

By the end of our 6 months
together, you will:​

Write the complete first draft of your novel.

Understand the steps involved in writing a novel and following the proven patterns of blockbuster hits.

Learn how to think like a bestselling author and write with the confidence of one!

Upcoming Sessions

Our courses are virtual. We use video conferencing to connect at the times that suit you.

  • June 2020 – full

  • September 2020 – 10 spots available

  • March 2021 – 10 spots available

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We're looking for passionate writers who want to change their lives and publish bestselling YA books! If you want to kick-start your author career, submit your application and we'll get back to you.