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Advancing Authors

Write your book. Connect with authors. Transform your life.

Welcome to Advancing Authors!


This twelve-week coaching program is designed to help you achieve your wildest writing dreams, connect with other authors, and tap into your best self.


  • Writing the words “The End” on a manuscript you love.

  • Seeing your book on a bestseller list.

  • Getting an email from an agent signing you to a book deal.

  • Having your novel pitched as a script to blockbuster streaming services.

  • Looking into the mirror and seeing someone you are proud of.

These are not fantasies, these are goals we have achieved and you can too! The reason why we have these dreams at all is because we are capable of achieving them.


The problem is, most of us cannot get out of our heads to actually go after the things we want.


We waste years doubting ourselves and our stories. We get frustrated and confused over how we are supposed to manage our time to get everything done. We try and please others and destroy integrity with ourselves. We judge our writing and our commitment and shame ourselves when it’s not good enough. I know this because this was my experience.


For every unwritten page or rejected query letter, we start to think we are not good enough or there is something wrong with us.


If you are ready to rewrite the lifelong relationship you have with writing and yourself – you belong in Advancing Authors.

How it Works

This is not a writing retreat. It’s a detailed game-plan to create a life that is authentic, productive, and sustainable. 

Writing retreats imply that the only way to write is to run away and hide somewhere – and that’s just not realistic.


You don’t have to run away from your life. You can be the writer you want to be right now, without having to give up your job, your family, or your sleep. 


Your life is not the problem, your mindset is, and we can teach you how to change that – plus give you writing tips along the way.

Advancing Authors Course Content

  • Weekly coaching calls with Stephanie allow for 1:1 coaching in a group environment

  • Monthly story-crafting calls with Tiana and Stephanie where you can get feedback for your unique story

  • Weekly audio lessons and detailed coaching workbooks that allow for self-paced learning

  • Private community chat where you can get questions answered for writing and coaching, get inspired and find beta readers

  • A road map for querying agents plus resources for self-publishing

"Publishing a novel has been a long time dream for me, and I’ve always thought that luck was the biggest factor. After four weeks with the Warner Sisters, my mindset has completely shifted. They have shared tools and insights to overcome every obstacle I could think of, and I now believe that finishing and publishing a novel is a very achievable goal."
- Courtney MacDonald, Middle Grade author and Blockbuster YA alumna


What is the investment?


We’re excited to offer group coaching to make programs more affordable for our clients.


The upfront investment is $2000 CAD (that’s roughly $1500 USD) for 12 weeks of transformative coaching and mind-blowing content!

How big will the group size be?


Depending on applicants (where they are in the writing process, where they are located), the group sizes will vary between 4 and 8 writers. 

Do I have to worry about someone stealing my ideas?

No. All of our participants and coaches sign confidentiality and copyright agreements.


Do I have to be writing a YA book?


No! While many authors may be writing YA, you can write any genre of your choosing. Our particular materials and expertise lend best to YA, Women’s Fiction, Romance, Thrillers, and screenplays.

Don't wait another year to publish a book.

Every day you spend not writing, you are giving up royalties you could be earning.


Every manuscript you sit on is a missed opportunity to build your
author platform and land publishing deals.


Don't give up on yourself. Your dreams matter and the world needs your book.

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We're looking for passionate writers who want to change their lives and publish bestselling books! If you're ready to invest in your author career, submit your application to us and we'll get back to you when the course opens up.