Life coaching for writers.


“I want to write a book but I can't seem to finish it.” 

"I have a great idea for a book but I don't have time to start."


Writing a novel can take months or years. But the process becomes unbearably long when you're spending your writing time being frustrated by your progress, disappointed by your lack of commitment, or confused over what to write next. Soon enough, another year goes by, your book is still unwritten, and the process just got longer. Sound familiar? We've been there too.


It’s time to rewrite your relationship with writing so you can get that published novel, author platform, and royalty cheque. Let us help you get there.

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Warner Sisters.

We help aspiring authors write novels that get noticed by publishers and Hollywood agencies.

Writing a novel can feel entertaining, liberating, and inspiring. We'll teach you how.


Advancing Authors Program


Get personalized critiques and reccommendations for your novel.


Establish a writing routine that works for you and not against you.


Let go of insecurity, self-doubt and frustration for


Query agents and learn how to self market so you can get the book deal.

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Courtney Macdonald

At every session, Tiana and Stephanie offered a wealth of experience, tools and tricks. I was astonished at how generously they shared their knowledge and how much I learned.


They have shared tools and insights to overcome every obstacle I could think of, and I now believe that finishing and publishing a novel is a very achievable goal.

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Debbie Wright

"Finding Stephanie and Tiana was an absolute Godsend. Their keen insight on plot and pacing brought focus and originality to my manuscript-in-progress.


They were extremely generous with their notes, time, and effort in making sure my story was in the best shape possible.


 I loved working with Stephanie and Tiana and highly recommend their valuable services."

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Dee J. Holmes

Dee J. Holmes is an indie author with five published fantasy/sci-fi novels.

"You have an excellent eye for what makes characters and extraordinary worlds shine.


You offer valuable insight and gentle guidance, with careful understanding of each author's unique style."

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Who We Are

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Who says mentors need to be old and grizzled? We're a pair of business-minded writers who know what it’s like to struggle through writing and publishing a novel! After years of experience building a YA franchise, we’re passionate about sharing our collective knowledge and helping aspiring YA authors follow their dreams. Our combined qualifications will help you follow your path to success:


  • #1 Amazon bestselling YA Fantasy series

  • Literary representation by Emagine Content

  • 3-book deal with Entangled Publishing for forthcoming YA Fantasy trilogy

  • Life Coach (The Life Coach School Certified Coach, Kara Loewentheil graduate)

  • Best Indie Book Award winner, Dante Rossetti YA book award winner, Foreword 10 Best Indie YA novels of 2014, screenplay finalist in the Creative World Awards

  • Vancouver Film School Certificate in “Writing for Film and Television”

  • 8+ years each of corporate marketing experience

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You have this novel idea for a reason. Don't let it go unpublished because you didn't know how to start, how to finish, or because you thought you didn't have time to write.


Enroll today to take control of your life, love the writing process, and to get that published novel you've always wanted.

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